I am a Ph.D. candidate (computer engineering) in the Electrical and Computer Engineering department at the Boston University. I work as a graudate research assistant in the Networking and Information Systems lab under the supervision of Prof. Starobinski. My current research looks into the presence and effects of churn in the Bitcoin network.
Professional Experience
Ph.D. Computer Engineering
Boston University
Boston Massachusetts, USA
September, 2017 to Present
Relevant courses:  Computer Communication Networks, Applied Algorithms and Data Structures for Engineers, Applied Cryptography, Cybersecurity
B.Sc. Electrical Engineering
National University of Computer & Emerging Sciences
Lahore, Pakistan
Conferred: August, 2014
Achievements:  CGPA 3.74/4.00 ;  Silver medalist ;  Cum Laude ;  Name on the Dean's list all 8 semesters
Relevant courses:  Programming for Engineers, Computer Logic Design, Microprocessor Interfacing and Programming, Data Structures, Databases
Final Year Project:  Glove interface to sense hand gestures for sign language vocalization and control of robotic hand
  • Constructed a glove interface that detects human motion when worn
  • Designed specifically for deaf/mute people who rely on sign language for communication
  • Device converted Sign language to audio and text
  • Successfully implemented machine-control system on glove interface
  • Won several competitions and awards
    • 1st position: SUPARCO
    • 2nd position: Business Idea Competition GIKI
    • 1st position: SOFTEC 2014
    • National ICT R&ND Fund (2013-2014)
  • Role played in team
    • Responsible for software programming and development
    • Helped devise algorithm to implement on motion-audio conversion process
    • Facilitated procurment of hardware, i.e., sensors, controllers, actuators
    • Managed project finances to ensure feasibility
Advanced Levels
Resource Academia
Lahore, Pakistan
Conferred: August, 2010
Ordinary Levels
Hamdard Public School
Lahore, Pakistan
Conferred: August, 2008
Academic Reviews